Ski Bag Heater

ITEM NUMBER: Ski Bag Heater




I. Product Features

  • With the inner layer adopting the flexible, super conductive heating element, the shoes drying box heats up in an instant, with a good result in heating, long life span and high safety.
  • The inner surface adopts the PE material with maintaining warm efficiency and convenience of cleaning.
  • Built in with a high temperature protection and safety assured.
  • There are both home and out-going types, convenient to use anywhere.

II. Functions

  • When the weather gets cold, this makes the leather become very stiff so that it is harder to wear them, this product can rectify this problem by making the leather softer and more pliable.
  • This product has also a function to dry, which makes the shoes put into the box dry faster, thus eliminating any odors.

III. Operating Instructions

  • Connect this product to 110V, 220V or DC12V power source according to the specification of this product. Do not connect a wrong power source.
  • Place shoes, boots, etc. inside the shoe drying box.
  • Be sure to unplug the product when not using it.  

Power Rating:110V or 220V

Outgoing Type:DC12V (Three different types must not be used interchangeably.)

Power Consumption:50W

*A vehicle cigarette lighter adaptor (sold separately)