Thermo foil heater

ITEM NUMBER: Thermo foil heater



Product list :Polyimide heater, Kapton heater, Silicone rubber heater, Mica heater, Transparent heater and more


1.      Thickness only 0.1mm, very thin, lightweight and flexible. The heat conducting coefficient is very high. When plugged in, it will reach the temperature for an instant as requested. The heat conducting is very fast. When the power source is cut off, the temperature will drop so there will not be any remaining heat on the element.

2.      Even heat conducting. Average temperature on the surface.

3.      Due to the high heat conducting efficiency, the heating element is very power saving.

4.      It won’t burn oxygen (consume oxygen) but generally traditional heating elements will.

5.      The super conductive heating elements are currently used in the heating for the instrument parts of space shuttle, which we have led to the markets of people’s livelihood and industrial requirements.

6.      The same heating element can be designed with different temperatures scattering.

7.      Our company can design various shapes and temperatures of heating elements based on our customers or develop any product for our customers.